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For more than 40 years we have engaged ourselves in the design and production of industrial cooling systems which stand out due to their excellent functionality, durability and quality – from 5 mW special cooling systems all the way through to small ready-to-plug-in cooling units. Customers from many industries such as machine industry, medical technology, research, automotive, electronics cooling and laser technology rely on our expertise and experience.

Focus: Oil Coolers

Our OBK Immersion Coolers cool oil or emulsions in tanks. Thanks to their flat design they can also be used on shallow containers. Power spectrum from 800 to 3200 W. Due to an abundance of options these oil coolers always perform well, even under difficult conditions.

Focus: Quiet Cooling


Our in-house-developed temperature control units with two circuits have been developed especially for the requirements of lasers. MLK Cooling Systems are extremely quiet, in a distance of 1 m the noise level is < 54 dB in full-load operation.

Our team needs you!

We are looking for a skilled electrician / electronics specialist for power systems (m/f) to reinforce our team as soon as possible. Apply now!

Research and Development

We manufacture cooling systems for research and science but we also develop cooling systems ourselves. Among our clients are numerous universities, institutes and research institutions. We manufacture according to individual specifications like, for example, high temperature constancy or with a sophisticated measurement instrumentation and sensor system included.

Innovation for the Future

We are among the top companies in research and development. It is our passion to further develop and optimize our products and to design and realize new and innovative cooling solutions. We are especially proud of SCHWÄMMLE innovations like our extra quiet GoSilent Cooling System or our particularly efficient systems for the cooling of wind power plants.

First-Class Service

Using the latest evaluation technology allows us to easily maintain and permanently optimize our cooling systems together with you with little effort. Your benefit: Increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Partners

Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, Germany
HTWG Konstanz, Germany
Laser Zentrum Hannover, Germany
Fraunhofer Institut für Lasertechnik, Germany
Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, Germany
RWTH Aachen, Germany

SCHWÄMMLE stands for quality.

Selected Customers

  • GEA
  • DLR
  • FOBA