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Electrical Cabinet Cooling

Modular and intelligent special cooling systems specifically designed to meet your cooling requirements – this has been our core competence for more than 40 years. Our scalable WWH and LNX Special Cooling Systems grow to keep pace with your demands, they are highly efficient and save money thanks to an intelligent control system.

RCC Underfloor Airflow Electrical Cabinet Cooler

LWH Cooling Water Re-Coolers are inexpensive industrial cooling systems with maximum operational safety, rapid amortization and high efficiency. Our LWH Cooling Water Re-Coolers are used whenever cooling and temperature control are required like, for example, with precision tool machines, laser systems, plasma cutting systems, induction units, welding machines, degreasing installations, emulsion cooling and many more.

EMK Electrical Cabinet Cooler

This series stands out due to particularly strong fans. The air ducts can be installed on both sides, to the left or to the right, as needed. Cooling capacities of up to 25 kW with air inlet/outlet temperatures of 45/34 °C with a water inlet temperature of 26 °C.

ORS Electrical Cabinet Cooler

The electrical cabinet and device coolers of series ORS operate on the basis of heat exchangers water/air. So they need water in the form of cooling tower water, circuit water, well water etc. The cooler capacity depends on water temperature, water quantity and air temperature. The warm air is sucked out of the cabinet at the top, cooled down and then blown in again at the bottom. There are threads on the base plate to screw on the complete device from the inside of the electrical cabinet.

GR Electrical Cabinet Cooler

The device cooler GR operates on the basis of heat exchangers. So it needs water in the form of cooling water, well water etc. The cooler capacity depends on water temperature, water quantity and air temperature. Therefore, a closed air circuit should be preferred. Besides cool air an adequate airstream and ventilation duct avoiding heat pockets is also necessary for the cooling process. With their large-dimensioned heat exchangers and appropriate fans Schwämmle cabinet coolers fulfil all these requirements.

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