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Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers are used for cooling and heating aggressive liquids. Due to their design, they have many advantages. Some of our heat exchangers have very high heat transfer values due to a special surface. Furthermore, we offer completely welded units in stainless steel without gaskets from the KN series. Our chamber heat exchanger offers a high cooling capacity with a compact design. Please take a closer look at our products!

ELW Finned Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers of series ELW are finned heat exchangers for cooling and heating of corrosive liquids like, for example, de-ionized water. Additional benefits: All water-swept parts made of stainless steel, very space-saving chamber design. Other dimensions are possible within modules, the fins can be made of copper or stainless steel.

Various fin spacings, performance optimization through low pressure losses. Water quantity from 4 to 16 l/min., also available as a complete unit with fan.

from 394,32 €

SN Double Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers of series SN are double cross-flow heat exchangers made of stainless steel. Thanks to their design they offer many advantages. The special surface of this device leads to very high heat transfer values and a cleverly devised water circuit requires only very small quantities of liquid which, in turn, results in low flow speeds.

Side A has been developed particularly for larger and side B for smaller quantities. Therefore, the consumption in this cooling application is low. Additional benefits: Very small dimensions compared to the cooling capacity of this device. No seals, flow chicanes made of teflon in side B.

KN Double Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers of series KN are all-welded appliances made of stainless steel without seals. The heat exchangers of series KN are double cross-flow heat exchangers in an all-welded version without seals. They are primarily used along with corrosive water like, for example, demineralized water.

The design of this device is such that the cross-section of circle A is larger than that of circle B. Therefore, very small quantities of water are possible in circle B. The specific heat transfer values relate to the initial temperatures of circle A and circle B. They should not be regarded as absolute values and refer to water that is free from air at a mean temperature of 40 °C. Please contact us for a more detailed rating.