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Industrial Cooling Systems

Modular and intelligent standard and special cooling systems specifically tailored to your cooling requirements - this has been our core competence as a manufacturer for over 40 years. The units of the LWH, OBK, KWR (water/water-chiller) and KKG series represent plug & play industrial chillers, which are used in a power range from approx. 1 kW up to 320 kW. Equipped with the appropriate options, these chillers can also be used under difficult conditions in outdoor applications.

LWH Industrial Cooling System / Water-Chiller 5-160 kW

LWH Cooling Water Re-Coolers are inexpensive industrial cooling systems with maximum operational safety, rapid amortization and high efficiency. Our LWH Cooling Water Re-Coolers are used whenever cooling and temperature control are required like, for example, with precision tool machines, laser systems, plasma cutting systems, induction units, welding machines, degreasing installations, emulsion cooling and many more.

from 8.350,00 €

KKG Cooling System 0,7-2,8 kW

All components like compressor, pump, water tank and digital control with a particular focus on an increased operational safety, easy operation and an appealing design. The enclosure is self-supporting and two-colour powder-coated in RAL 7035 and 7021.

from 2.597,00 €

OBK Immersion Cooler

The OBK Immersion Cooler series is used to cool oil or emulsion in tanks. The devices are placed onto the tank and then immerse in the liquid. Cooling is normally effected against recirculating air. Water-cooled devices are also possible.

from 7.628,00 €

KWR Cold Water Cooler

SCHWÄMMLE Cold Water Coolers of type KWR (water/water-chiller) are space-saving and inexpensive industrial cooling systems with maximum operational safety, high efficiency and variable cooling capacity. Whether it be machine tools, lasers, induction units, welding machines or plasma cutting systems – with a cooling capacity from 20 kW to 100 kW the KWR Cold Water Cooler is able to cope with any task whatsoever.