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Laser Cooling

Maximum temperature constancy and accuracy are decisive when it comes to the cooling of laser technology. Be it in research, industry or medical technology – SCHWÄMMLE laser cooling systems have stood the test in practice many times. Additionally, our innovative GoSilent Cooling System offers you an almost noiseless cooling and an efficient cooling performance at the same time. What can we do for you?

MLK: Low-noise Cooling for Laser

Our latest in-house development is an efficient low-noise cooling system with two circuits that has been particularly developed to fulfil the cooling requirements of lasers. This device operates with a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.06 to 0.1 K depending on the respective type.

DWK Cooler for Solid-state Laser

The water coolers of series DWK have been developed for the supply and cooling of internal cooling circuits, particularly of Nd YAG or diode lasers. They can be used along with various cooling agents (e.g. de-ionized water, oils etc.). However, this must be provided for during the design phase.

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DLK Cooling Device for Diode Lasers

Diode laser devices place special demands on the cooling unit. Therefore, a completely new performance class of laser cooling units has been developed - specially adapted to the cooling of diode lasers - the DLK series. The requirements for cooling differ quite considerably in some cases.

NWK Cooling Device for Diode Lasers

The water coolers of series NWK have been developed for the supply and cooling of internal cooling circuits, particularly of Nd YAG or diode lasers. The cooling medium used is water (drinking water quality). Other media on request. The device is constructed in a way that it can be adapted to customer requirements. Temperature control is effected via an electronic thermostat with digital indicator. Temperature constancy with this electronic thermostat is 1 K. A higher temperature constancy is possible.