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Intelligent and efficient: Special cooling systems made by SCHWÄMMLE

Modular and intelligent special cooling systems specifically designed to meet your cooling requirements – this has been our core competence for more than 40 years. Our scalable Special Cooling Systems grow to keep pace with your demands, they are highly efficient and save money thanks to an intelligent control system.

Immersion Cooler OBK

The OBK Immersion Cooler series is used to cool oil or emulsion in tanks. The devices are placed onto the tank and then immerse in the liquid. Cooling is normally effected against recirculating air. Water-cooled devices are also possible. Temperature range of the medium is between 10 and 28 °C. Immersion coolers are placed onto the tank and then immerse in the liquid with their evaporator. The evaporator has a very flat design and is therefore particularly suitable for very shallow tanks.

LWH special cooling system

Cooling units of the LWH special series were developed for cooling machines and systems that are specially designed and manufactured to customer specifications.

Temperature control system / temperature control unit WWH 30/10 S

Our brand new temperature control system / temperature control unit WWH 30/10 S uses water as the cooling medium. Maximum operational reliability with consistently precise cooling performance. Our temperature control technology is designed so that it can be adapted to your specific requirements.

WWH ECO Special Cooling System

Energy-saving modular cooling – tailor-made to fulfil your requirements. The cooling systems of series WWH have been developed for processes that are very function-critical and cannot be shut down, if possible. The design is extremely space-saving and thus energy-optimized. We can manufacture and run in the systems of this series in a turnkey manner in our factory which results in an extremely short installation and commissioning time.

WWH Special cooling system

The cooling units of the WWH series were developed for use in processes that are very function-critical and cannot be shut down if possible. For this reason, the components are redundant, in some cases even multiple. The design is extremely space-saving and correspondingly energy-optimised. The systems can be manufactured and commissioned in the factory ready for use. This results in an extremely short assembly and commissioning time.

LNX Special Cooling System

The cooling systems of series LNX have been developed for the cooling of machines and systems which require various temperatures, e.g. vacuum installations where a lower temperature is required for the vacuum pumps than for the furnace circuit. Usual temperatures in the cooling circuit are approx. 12-15 °C.